A Change in Direction

I suppose I’ve waffled back and forth on this. Which certification should I pursue? When I first began I set out to get the RHCSA 6 certification. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was so late in the game that the exam was being retired in favor of the new RHEL 7 upgrade.

I decided it might make more sense to focus on a distribution-neutral certification and began heading down the path of Linux+. I figured that it might have broader appeal in the grand scheme of the industry. And now I’ve come full circle and returned to the path of RHCSA for RHEL 7. Despite the fact that I work with 5 and 6 and don’t expect to be upgrading to 7 anytime in the near future, I think it makes more business sense for me to focus on the particular platform I work with on a daily basis.

Now keep in mind, I am NOT a system administrator. I’m a software developer. When it comes to Linux I’m a user. But I feel comfortable with it using it both from the server and desktop perspectives. Sure there’s stuff I don’t do on a daily basis…or ever…but we’ll cover those bridges a little more and hopefully keep the water from rising above them. As always, Lynn is there to help me along the way.


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