Technology has been part of my life for as long as I can conceivably remember. Back in the HeathKit days of the mid- to late 70s my dad would build our entertainment items (tv, stereo, game console, etc.) When the kit computers started coming out we built them and rocked out. I still remember sitting at the table with a copy of Popular Science in my lap while I painstakingly entered the program code into our Timex/Sinclair ZX-81.

Fast-forward a few years (ok, maybe more than a few) and I’m making a living sitting in front of a computer pounding out code. At least we’ve moved beyond storing things on tape drives and praying the counter didn’t accidentally get reset.

For the past ten years or so I’ve spent my days knocking out web services. The language du jour has been Java and it’s served me well. My job now involves a bit more of the behind-the-scenes work so I’m knocking the cobwebs off some old skills.

I’m currently the Development Manager for a small team of awesome developers and architects. While we may be small in manpower, our product is a cornerstone of the organization and is critical to its success. We are heavily used by both internal and external customers with an average transaction rate of over 11 billion per year.

Well, the short answer is that “runlevel4” was taken. 😉 But that’s probably not what you’re wondering. As a Linux-related blog, I figured the site is user-definable. I’ve started this blog to chronicle my quest towards Red Hat Linux certification. However, I’ve never really been big on certs. Weird, huh? As I’m working through it I’ll try to keep it on track. If something derails that process, though, I’ll just re-define the site. Get it now?

I plan on throwing in anything I find along the way that I use as additional reading/training materials. Hopefully if this is an area you find to be of interest you’ll pick something up (or share) along the way.

Since my daily job makes use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux I run CentOS at home. This site will be mostly focused on these two distributions.

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