A Journey Begins with a Single Step

Man, has it really been this long? Where has the time gone? I guess the whole Covid thing screwed up my blogging as well. It’s been an interesting change in reality working from home fulltime now. I’ve been wanting to move to this model for years. I didn’t realize it would take a global pandemic to bring it to fruition.

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve become an infrastructure guy. I no longer have any developers reporting to me and my sole focus in life, well, at least as far as work is concerned, is OpenShift.

I’ve been getting more security-minded lately. I worked with our security and risk teams to draft our container security guidelines. I’m currently getting ready to deploy OpenShift’s new compliance operator to help ensure our clusters are as safe as they can be. Something I was excited about starting at the end of 2020 was the CNCF’s new Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) certification. I’d planned on having it by now but I let the year get away from me.

So this post is to rectify that. Tonight I took the first steps towards knocking out this final certification by the end of the year. I played around a little with the CIS-CAT Pro Assessor tool against an Ubuntu server. That was pretty cool.

Looking foward to digging deeper into Kubernetes hardening, container security, etc.

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