Raspberry, Die?

I’m beginning to think I’m not having much luck with the Pi. I have a B+ that I’ve had for a while and for the second time in less than a month it appears to have a corrupted SD card.

I really don’t get what’s happening. I swear, I’ve been on the thing all week. Tonight I just happened to try hopping back on IRC (which is the primary purpose of this particular Pi) and I couldn’t connect. I pulled the card from my latest Pi 3 and it works in the failed unit but the bum card doesn’t work in it.

I run each Pi headless once it’s setup but connected a monitor to see what was going on. I’m stuck at the splashscreen. One fix is to add boot_delay=1 to the config.txt file. Unfortunately, when I try opening any of the files on the card I get a READ ERRORS message. I’ve read that some cards can be problematic but I can’t remember what I was running the last time this happened. I know that I upgraded from a 8GB to a 16GB but they might both be Samsung cards. I guess it’s time to try something new. Rebuilding this is getting old. If I have to reconfigure everything I’m going to be pissed.

I’m tempted to run the Pi 3 instead of its intended purpose (it’s destined for a future robot) to see if I end up with a corrupt card down the road. Right now I’m not too happy.

4/4 Update
I decided to just update here instead of creating a new post. I realized that it’s been less than a month since this last happened to me. I also learned after more searching that there may be issues with the Samsung cards. I was able to get the Pi up by running e2fsck again but I don’t trust the card. I’m going to fire up another card see how that fares.

4/30 Update
My Pi has been running rock solid since dumping the Samsung card. No more Samsung for me. At least not in the Pi.

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