Wrapped up LA-101

Well, I got derailed yet again but today I finally got off my rear and completed the practice exam for the 101 exam. I realized that I need to bone up on some of the command options and I brain-farted on a couple of questions.


Despite both of these, I managed to pass with a 81. It’s nowhere near where I want to be, though. I’ll be hitting the books some more. I’m feeling more confident after the exam than I did when I started, though.

I knew I had some areas I was weak in and this helped me hone in on where I need to focus. Of course I really need to spend some time on the various commands since they carry the most weight in the overall score.

I really think I’m on track to knock out the certification by my goal of August 31. I’ve decided to go ahead and take the 103 and 104 exams since they’re the latest. I think I’ll be ok as I’ve been studying the recent exam updates. Stay tuned!

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